Topographies of Loss and Longing

Watercolor on paper paintings and suspended cut paper installations exploring the weight of memory, the palpability of absence, loss and resilience. 

Charted Memories

Inspired by fragmented memories, neural pathways, and natural elements, series of large-scale watercolor on paper paintings, 60”x96” each.

The Silverwood Series

Watercolor on paper, 7"x5". Patterns of sunlight, blades of grass, and crystalline formations on frozen snow initiated a process of exploration that culminated in this series of small expressive and intimate environments. 


Watercolor on paper, 15"x11". Exploring the intersection of narrative and abstraction. 

The Stillness of Place

Watercolor on paper, 22"x300". This 25 foot long piece is a lyrical narrative based on personal memories, the recording of time, and the idea of self transformation.

Housing Identity

Watercolor on paper, 22"x30". This group of works explores identity through place, as represented by the house, its boundaries acting as both confinement and safety.