Topographies 2016-2017

Paper. Dimensions variable. 

Charted Memories 2014-2016

Watercolor on paper, 60"x96".

In this series of large-scale, multi-paneled works, each piece begins with a fragmented memory that is repeated, layered, and twisted to create a dense mass, a visual territory of the mind.

The Silverwood Series 2015

Watercolor on paper, 7"x5".

Patterns of sunlight, blades of grass, and crystalline formations on frozen snow initiated a process of exploration that culminated in this series of small expressive and intimate environments. 

Abstractions/ Constructions 2012-2013

Watercolor on paper, 15"x11".

Matter and Consciousness 2011-2013

Watercolor on paper, 22"x300". This 25 foot long piece is a lyrical narrative based on personal memories, the recording of time, and the idea of self transformation.

Housing Identity 2010-2013

Watercolor on paper, 22"x30".

This group of works explores identity through place, as represented by the house, its boundaries acting as both confinement and safety.